How to play POCKET AQUA

How to play POCKET AQUA

① Login
First of all, please log in using "the same email address as PocketHash Gaming Wallet".

* Gaming Wallet is required to play POCKET AQUA.
* Pocket Hash Gaming Wallet →

② Ticket purchase
After logging in, purchase a ticket (lottery ticket) from the "Ticket Purchase" page.
If you do not have a balance in your wallet, you will need to make a deposit to your Gaming Wallet.
* 1 Ticket = $ 0.1
Minimum purchase quantity: 300 tickets ~ (30USDT)
Purchaseable currencies: PHT, USDT, BTC, ETH

③ Character pre-order
Consume the purchased ticket and pre-order your favorite character from 6 types of characters with different interest rates (character purchase right).
You can reserve up to 10 characters for each character.
* Pocket Hash Gaming Wallet cannot be reserved for more than the USDT deposit amount. (Based on the lowest price of each character)

When booking "Starfish x 1", the wallet requires the lowest Starfish price of 50 USDT.

* The winning character must be purchased.

④ Lottery (matching)
After making a character reservation, a lottery will be held every day between 12:00 and 17:00. Let's wait for the result!

⑤ Winning announcement
When the lottery is over, the winning characters will be reflected on the "Winning Results" page.
Winning → The ticket at the time of booking will be consumed. Acquire the right to purchase characters!
Lost → The ticket at the time of booking will be returned. Please challenge the lottery again!

⑥ Character purchase
Purchase characters from the "Winning Results" page. Please remit the displayed amount (USDT) to the seller.
Please be sure to complete the remittance by 12:00 the next day. If the transfer is not made, you will be penalized with an account lock and other penalties.
When the remittance is completed, the purchased character will be reflected in "My Aquarium".
* The winning result will be announced at 17:00, so please remit immediately after confirmation.
* The remittance amount will be deducted from USDT in the Gaming Wallet.

⑦ Character possession
Each character has a holding period, and when the holding period expires, the character can be sold.
You can pre-order your character even during the holding period, so let's challenge more and more!

* Holding period rules
Example) In the case of Starfish (holding period is 4 days, it is assumed that it was purchased on Monday)

→ Winning on Monday
→ The holding period starts on Tuesday (1st day)
→ Wednesday (2nd day)
→ Thursday (3rd day)
→ Friday (4th day)
→ Matches with the next purchaser at 17:00 on Saturday, and the sale is completed when the other party completes the remittance

Winning purchase → Hold for 4 days → Sell character

It has become a flow.

If the sale of the character is not completed even though the holding period has expired, it is considered that the match partner has not remitted money. We will rematch the next day, so please wait for a while.

⑧ Character sales
Characters whose holding period has expired are automatically matched with the next purchaser, and the character is automatically sent after confirmation of payment from the purchaser.
The sale price will be the price with the interest rate for each character added!